Farmers Market

National Farmers Market Week: Focusing on Farmers Market vendors



Matt Fink of Duel Growers

In honor of National Farmers Market Week, August 4-11, 2018, I’m featuring some of the vendors I’ve met that sell plants, flowers, or produce. Watch for more posts during the week!

I met Matt Fink at the Poway Farmers Market. What brought him into my focus was the knowledge he imparts to his buyers. He freely gives of his time and expertise. He doesn’t just sell a succulent or flowering plant, he makes sure the buyer knows how to successfully care for it, even to writing the needed type of fertilizer on the paper plant sleeve. He instructs buyers on propagation so they can propagate more plants from their purchase.

Duel Growers sells herbs, succulents, a number of flowering plants such as lantana, impatiens, and hibiscus, ferns, indoor plants, and cut gerbera daisies. These fill the space for much of the year, but it is the poinsettia that is the mainstay of Matt’s business. Matt said San Diego is the unofficial poinsettia home. His other plants are so gorgeous that I’ll have to go back for poinsettia season.  Visit Duel Growers at the Poway Farmers Market on Saturdays, 9:00-1:00P.M.

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