Writing Journey

The Writing Journey

Writing is an incredible journey.  I’ve been published for twenty years as of November 2017. I could not do the journey without special people along the way.

To my family: Thank you for your support, encouragement, love, and patience as I spend time writing and hosting critique groups. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. I could not do this without you. Thank you for your editing, computer rescues, and for sending me to classes and conferences to improve my craft.

To Lynn Wolsey, my Poway Progress editor:  Thank you for taking this raw writer back in 1997 and editing and publishing my work. May we work many more years together.

To the Poway Critique Group of the San Diego Christian Writers’ Guild: There are so many of you friends to thank over the years. Thank you for your editing, your wise and thoughtful critiques, and your encouragement. I have learned so much from each of you.

To my many prayer partners: Thank you for praying for me to honor God in my writing, have clarity of thought, and the ability to learn and research.

To my Lord, Jesus Christ: Thank you for guiding me along the way and giving me words to write. To You be all the glory.

~ Kathryn Hughes